myRig v1.011 Update!!(English)

Updated myRig to the v1.011.
It is an update by the bug fix.



Up to now, Spine Bone has not followed though GlobalSRT and UpperBody are rotated when Spine IK is used.
This bug was fixed.
This bug is chiefly a correction of ScriptOperator[].
After Rig is generated, ScriptOperator cannot be edited.
Therefore, it is necessary to generate Rig again.

[v1.0]  It is wrong behavior.

[v1.011] It is normal behavior.

A part of the manual was fixed.
A part of description of file [ReadMe.htm] is fixed.
The following refer to details.
To the following line of the Tips section…[]edit details.
[Around line 21 –>> [uPath = app.GetInstallationPath2( c.siUserAddonPath )]]
was retouched
This bug turned out by the ymt3d‘s report.
Thank you for the report.



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