myRig v1.02 Update!!(English)

Updated myRig to the v1.02.

It is small update.



[] was updated to
The specification of ScriptOperator was changed radically.
Spine follows rotation of HipRig.

A part of [] was corrected with change of
After Rig is generated, ScriptOperator cannot be edited.
Therefore, it is necessary to generate Rig again.

[v1.011]  It is old behavior.

[v1.02] It is new behavior.

The LogMessage for debugging of ScriptOperator was stopped.

[How to install]
*If the version of myRig is older than v1.02, please uninstall myRig first.
02:Browsing [myRig.xsiaddon]file.
03:<>Root Location>User Add-Ons
***If you want to install in other paths refer to the Tips section of
04:Please click on the install button.
[How to uninstall]
*If the version of myRig is older than v1.02, please uninstall myRig first.

02:myRig is chosen.
03:Please click on the Uninstall button.
04:Please click on the Done button.


myRig v1.02 Update!!(English)」への8件のフィードバック

    • Hi Miquel,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Although this update was small update, for myself, it became study very much.  :)

  1. Hi. MyRig looks very nice..Thank you.
    I get this error though:

    # ERROR : 2271 – This command does not exist: Building_myRig
    # ERROR : 2272 – Cannot add menu item:

    Can you help?

    • Hi nuverian,
      Thanks for using myRig.

      Probably, I think that error message come out for [myRig.xsiaddon] has not been installed properly.
      Please try the following things.
      (Please use Softimage2013 and above. )

      *Uninstall the [myRig.xsiaddon].
      02:Select the myRig. –>> Uninstall –>> Done

      *Download the [].
      *Unzip the [].

      *Install the [myRig.xsiaddon].
      02:(Root Location) Select the [User Add-Ons] from the pull-down menu.

      ***If you installed to a different location, please see below.
      01:Please edit the following files.[][]
      (The above file is located in the folder where you installed the myRig.)
      (ex: D:\SI_WorkGroup\Addons\myRig\Application\Plugins)

      02: []edit details.
      Around line 21 –>> [uPath = app.GetInstallationPath2( c.siUserAddonPath )]
      Around line 38 –>> [uPath = app.GetInstallationPath2( c.siUserAddonPath )]

      [uPath = app.GetInstallationPath2( c.siUserAddonPath )] –>> [uPath = “myRig Installation path”]

      If you have installed the following locations:
      [D:\SI_WorkGroup\Addons\myRig] –>> [uPath = “D:\SI_WorkGroup\Addons”]

      03: []edit details.
      Around line 121&679 –>> [uPath = app.GetInstallationPath2( c.siUserAddonPath )]
      [uPath = app.GetInstallationPath2( c.siUserAddonPath )] –>> [uPath = “myRig Installation path”]

      *The basic usage of myRig.
      01: Select the Animate Module.
      02: Create>Character>myRig SetUp>Get myRig Guide.
      03: To adjust the position of the myRig Guide.
      04: Create>Character>myRig SetUp>Building myRig.
      05: myBiped_Rig will be created in the scene.

      *Please try to check the above.
      *I hope that the plug-in works fine. 🙂



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